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How to Use This Site

This site is intended as an easy to use guide to help identify many of the most common tree species found here.  However, it does not cover everything so you should still invest in one of the many field guides available for tree identification.

Also keep in mind that identification from pictures can be difficult.  Nothing substitutes for being in the field, right there with the tree.  Over time you will find that experience is your most reliable resource in properly identifying trees.

So get on your hiking shoes and get out there with the trees!

 Trees are divided into sections based on the physical characteristics of their leaves.  These characteristics are briefly described and include a picture or drawing to help in understanding the description.

Each separate section of trees will include one or more pictures of each tree showing as many of the  treesí particular characteristics as needed for proper local identification.

Just start with the first page of Conifers and follow along until you find a description that matches your leaf.  If you donít find anything then move on to page 1 of Broadleaves and follow the same steps.

Tree identification in the Dallas / Ft. Worth region is always a challenge. There is a great diversity of species in the region due to variations in soils, climate and human influence.

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